Roni Vartiainen Reveals about Johnny Depp after Meeting in Helsinki on Sunday

Roni Vartiainen Roni, who met Johnny Depp in Helsinki, reveals what a megastar really is - the release of a group photo on Instagram had surprising consequences.

Roni Vartiainen Reveals about Johnny Depp after Meeting in Helsinki on Sunday
Roni Vartiainen met Johnny Depp in Helsinki, Photo: Instagram

Roni Vartiainen spent a moment with Johnny Depp in Helsinki on Sunday.

MANY Finns would have paid almost anything on Sunday to meet Hollywood star Johnny Depp, who is visiting Finland with guitarist Jeff Beck. However, only a few managed to get into Depp’s stuff or even see the stars.

One of the lucky ones was Roni Vartiainen, who is himself a musician and performed at the same Helsinki Blues Festival with Depp. Vartiainen plays drums in the Stadin Stuff line-up. He met Depp in the scene and got into this story and shared it with the star.

- Johnny was extremely polite and happy to talk to me, and he didn't seem to be in any hurry. They hung out with Johnny for about five minutes, Vartiainen says.

According to Vartiainen, he talked to Depp about music, among other things. The star was easily approachable and it was fun with him.

- A nice and normal-looking guy, Vartiainen sums up.

VARTIAINEN posted a picture of his meeting with the world star on his Instagram account and tagged Depp in it. Soon the image suddenly began to spread like wildfire in international Johnny Depp fan groups and star fan accounts.

The image, published on the Instagram account of Vartiainen’s few hundred followers, quickly garnered over a thousand likes and the trend was constantly up. The comments in the picture admired how lucky Vartiainen was when he met Depp and got to talk to him.

The actor's fan accounts who shared the picture said that it had been taken in Helsinki and that Depp was currently spending time in Finland.

The spread of the image to fan groups also surprised Vartiainen.

- The number of Instagram likes was surprising, he says.