Ricky Martin could spend up to 50 years in prison for incest : first hearing at July 21

Will Ricky Martin go to jail? What does his nephew accuse him of? Below, is the latest news and details about the Puerto Rican case: More details of the Ricky Martín case revealed: latest news and trial

Ricky Martin could spend up to 50 years in prison for incest : first hearing at July 21
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Ricky Martin faces the biggest scandal of his career.

The artist has a restraining order and a complaint for domestic violence in Puerto Rico by his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, 21 years old.

The interpreter of 'Livin' la Vida Loca has denied the accusations against him and indicated that he will face the entire process "in a timely manner." Meanwhile, it has already been announced that the Puerto Rican will go to trial, which will begin next Thursday, July 21.

More details of the Ricky Martín case revealed: latest news and trial

Ricky Martin received a summons for a first hearing, which will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at 09:00 am local time. Currently, Martin is in California, United States, so it is unknown if the meeting will be face-to-face or online, via Zoom.

For his part, Dennis Yadiel, son of his sister Vanessa, is protected under Law 54, which is responsible for automatically protecting the accuser to prevent the acts for which he requested the restraining order from continuing to occur.

According to the legal documents, until now, it is only known that there was an alleged relationship that lasted seven months and ended two years ago. According to the complaint, Dennis decided to end the romance, which upset the singer and caused him to start harassing him outside of his home.

It has been speculated that, if a relationship is proven, Ricky could spend up to 50 years in prison for incest, however, no information has been given on this specific issue. Although legal experts assure that other charges may appear while the case is investigated.

In case he is guilty, the punishment could vary considerably according to the crimes, Ricky Martin could go to jail or could only end up with a permanent search warrant, depending on what the judge determines.

What will happen on July 21, at the first hearing?

It is expected that, during the first hearing, there will be a declaration of innocence by the artist. The revelation of the case's agenda is also likely, that is, when will the next hearings be, what conditions will the Court set for Ricky in the process and how long will it last.

Until now, the strategy that the singer's defense team will take is unknown, but it is expected that he will hide behind the premise that his nephew suffers from mental problems or it is argued that it is only a matter of money.

According to the Puerto Rican journalist, Fernan Vélez, from Wapa TV, official documents from the Department of the Family of Puerto Rico guarantee that Dennis suffers from mental problems. In 2015 he was removed from his home because he suffered from abuse by his mother, Vanessa, and he also had behavioral and mental health problems, just like his mother.

Likewise, it was announced that Deniss's file is not clean, since a year ago he harassed a woman at his workplace.

For now, there has been no talk about the existence of conclusive evidence, so it is believed that it will be a complex case since it is Ricky Martin's word against his nephew's.