Researchers found that the use of ivermectin reduced the chance of mortality from COVID by 92%.

Researchers found that the use of ivermectin reduced the chance of mortality from COVID by 92%.
Getty Images/Dimas Ardian via Bloomberg

Ivermectin was shown to minimize the risk of death from COVID-19 by 92% in recent research examined by experts in the field.

Flávio A. Cadegiani, MD, MSc, Ph.D., led the massive investigation. Cadegiani has a master's and doctoral degree in clinical endocrinology and is a member of the American Board of Endocrinology.

The online medical journal Cureus published the peer-reviewed research on Wednesday. The 88,012 persons who participated in the survey were all residents of the Brazilian city of Raja.

Significant decreases in mortality and hospitalization were seen among those who used ivermectin as prophylactic or took medicine before contracting COVID.

The research found that consistent ivermectin usage was associated with a 92% lower risk of mortality from COVID compared to nonusers and an 84% lower risk of death from irregular users.

According to the research, regular users had a risk of hospitalization that was lowered by 100 percent compared to infrequent users and nonusers.

Even while frequent ivermectin users had a greater risk for COVID fatalities, they were nevertheless able to achieve a remarkable decrease in mortality. Unlike irregular and nonusers, regular users tended to be older and more likely to have conditions including type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

However, the 37% decrease in the death rate among frequent users was more minor than among nonusers.

Regular users were classified as taking more than 30 pills of ivermectin throughout a five-month period. "the majority of the population utilized between two and three pills every day for two days, every 15 days," regardless of body weight.

Compared to regular ivermectin usage, "non-use of ivermectin was related with a 12.5-fold increase in death rate and a seven-fold greater chance of dying from COVID-19," the research said. The preventive benefits of ivermectin against COVID-19 are strengthened by "this dose-response effectiveness."

The research, according to Cadegiani, demonstrated a "dose-response effect," meaning that higher ivermectin doses reduced hospitalization and mortality due to COVID-19.

In a tweet, Cadegiani said, "Our research is an observational study, and a randomised clinical trial of this scale and depth of analysis is both unrealistic and impossible to execute. It's not easy to disprove a conclusion. The validity of one's views should not be taken into account while examining evidence."