Nicky Jam’s spectacular physical change after losing 22 kilos

The Puerto Rican singer was very proud of his social networks after sharing the before and after his physical transformation after his life change.

Nicky Jam's weight loss 22 kg

Nicky Jam is one of the most recognized and followed international artists in current music, whose fame increased thanks to the documentary about his life, ‘ The Winner, ‘whose success on Netflix was more than remarkable. 

With millions of followers around the world thanks to his music, the Puerto Rican artist is also one of the ones who make the most use of his social networks, where he usually shares details of his life beyond the stage.

His change of life, the healthiest

For some time now, Nicky Jam decided to change his life, which is reflected in his documentary, which is nothing new to his followers.

Away from drugs for many years, the Puerto Rican is now involved in more than just his new songs. His physical transformation has become one of his biggest motivations to keep going, and it is that a few days ago, he revealed the amount of weight he had lost.

As if that were not enough, he has given his followers a new image that shows how proud he must feel of his physical change and improvement in his condition. Nothing less than 22 kilos have been those that Nicky Jam has lost in the last few months, shown in the comparison that he published a few hours ago. 

The singer surprised his almost 40 million followers with this image, more than an evident proof of the healthy lifestyle he is developing.

Endorsed by many colleagues

In addition to being one of the most admired artists on the international scene, he is also given special affection by several of his colleagues, who in the last hours have taken the opportunity to send him messages of congratulations and congratulations on this important personal achievement. 

Some of these have been Wisin, Don Omar, or Luis Fonsi, who were joined by thousands of followers who were not so well known as the artist.

While this image shows Nicky Jam’s before and after, his final year is proof of how much his life has changed, which many know practically by heart thanks to his documentary. 

The artist began 2020 making peace with Daddy Yankee, with whom he started his career, to end this year on stage together again; without a doubt, unbeatable both professionally and personally.


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