Police shoot 16-year-old Dutch farmer at tractor protest - Three protesters arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

In Holland, tractor protests have demonstrated the government’s environmental plans. As a result, some farms are in danger of being closed. Three protesters were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

Police shoot 16-year-old Dutch farmer at tractor protest - Three protesters arrested on suspicion of attempted murder
Farmers blocked access to a supermarket distribution center in Holland. The picture was taken on Tuesday. PHOTO:  ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN / AFP/ NEWSPAPER PHOTO

On Tuesday, the situation escalated to the point where police fired at farmers driving tractors on a roadway near Heerenveen. Police claim that this was a reaction to a “threatening situation”. This marks an unusual step for the country of tulips and windmills, famous for its laid-back image. Holland deems farmer attitudes as reactionary; however, many farmers say there is more to their protest than just an objection to new environmental law changes.
The farmers were driving towards the police and authorities, says Politico.

According to the police, the shots hit the tractor and no one was injured. A 16-year-old farmer's son was in the tractor.

Three protesters were arrested in the situation on suspicion of attempted murder. One of these is the 16-year-old boy in question. The accused have been released from the police's attention, it was reported on Wednesday.

The prosecutor has not yet decided whether to file charges.

According to De Telegraaf media, the authorities fire about 200 shots a year. More than half of these are warning shots and the rest are aimed at a specific target. According to the expert interviewed by De Telegraaf, this time it was not about warning shots.

IN THE NETHERLANDS, farmers have demonstrated and blocked supermarket distribution centers in protest of the government's demands. The protesters have also made it difficult for traffic to flow with their tractors.

The background of the tractor protests is the government's environmental goals, which affect farmers. The government may require farmers to use less fertilizer and reduce the number of livestock, Reuters reports.

Government plans related to reducing emissions. The goal is to reduce the number of harmful nitrogen compounds by 2030. Reducing nitrogen emissions may mean that the number of livestock has to be reduced by almost a third.

In some areas, emissions can be drastically cut. Figures vary in different sources. Some media have reported that emissions can be cut by up to 70 percent, and according to some media, up to 95 percent.

The government's actions may lead to some farms having to be closed.

ALREADY in June, thousands of farmers gathered in Holland to protest the government's environmental plans.