Lapland Author Oiva Arvola is dead

As a writer, Arvola was mostly inspired by Lapland traditions and Lapland’s nature.

lapland writer Oiva Arvola is dead

Lapland writer Oiva Arvola is dead. He died yesterday Saturday, exhausted by illness in Rovaniemi.

Born in Kolari in July 1935, Arvola was a primary school teacher. He taught for 25 years in Ylitornio, Kittilä, and Rovaniemi.

After her work as a teacher, Arvola worked as a writer. He wrote novels, plays, auditions, and poems inspired by Lapland traditions and Lapland nature.

Arvola is also remembered for the kingdom of Kampsuherra, which he founded as a tourism company along the Ounasjoki River in Rovaniemi in 1995.


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