Nothing phone (1) Launch date with Transparent back Key Features Price India

Premium design nothing phone (1) but a Pure and clean form of the original Android OS with the transparent back product will lunch around July 21 first Price will be starting at around $ 500.

Nothing phone (1) Launch date with Transparent back Key Features Price India
Nothing phone (1) First Look

According to a new report by Funke Mediengruppe, a German publication, back in March company spokesman Carl Pei confirmed the existence of the Nothing phone (1). At the time he did say that it "will be available this summer", but we have no other details. It's unclear whether his quote is correct with Summer starting just over two months from now. Let’s discuss the hardware, operating system, features, price, and launch date of Nothing Phone (1).

This phone has been hinted at since March when co-founder Carl Pei tweeted out a photo of the Not logo with a caption that read: “I can't wait to share one more product with you. #NothingPhone (1)

Nothing phone (1) Overview


The Nothing Phone (1) is powered by the Snapdragon processor, which can wirelessly charge up to 45% faster than a normal charging time. The device also supports 33 W fast charging. Unfortunately, the company has not released any information about its technical specifications at this point. 

So the Nothing Phone (1) is rumored to have: a 90Hz screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Chipset, up to 8 GB of RAM, and up to 128 GB of storage. The latest rumors suggest it will house a 4,500 mAh battery.

Transparent back design:

Nothing phone 1 Transparent back

One of the biggest speculations surrounding the Nothing phone has been solved by Carl Pei himself - the device will indeed have a transparent back, allowing users to peek into its internal components. The company had taken a similar approach with their earbuds, the Ear 1 TWS, which also comes with a transparent cover to allow users to see inside.

This move should allow customers to get an insight into its internal hardware, including CPU, RAM, and so forth.

Wireless charging:

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the new phone, but according to the CEO, it will come with active charging tech for cordless devices, as this has been designed into every version of their upcoming device.

The goal is to create a phone that can charge wirelessly, but we're not sure what other tricks this phone will have up its transparent sleeve.

But one thing is for sure - the transparent phone will have wireless charging, and it will be a major part of its design.

Nothing OS

Nothing OS

This new operating system, that will be used on the company's future products, will be crucial to the evolution of smartphone technology. The company previously stated that the phone will run on the Nothing OS. It will be treated with 3 years of updates having 3 years of security upgrades, along with 4 years of OS upgrades.

The new, custom Android skin which Nothing is basing its technology is nothing like what Google offers. It will enable a smoother experience than ever before by purging unnecessary applications and enhancements, leaving nothing but a Pure and clean form of the original Android OS.

What really sets apart the new OS is how personalized it really is, allowing you to optimize your device with your favorite colors, fonts, wallpapers, and even with added features that you would like to have on your phone without having to deal with bloatware or unnecessary applications.

Nothing phone (1) ecosystem:

Nothing phone (1) ecosystem

The phone (1) by Nothing will be released soon. It is the second thing after the ear (1) specifically designed to work with TWS’s earbuds that they plan on releasing this year. The company plans to grow its product line in the future, so they have strategically chosen an ecosystem-based approach to ensure that it can make this happen without hurdles or roadblocks along the way.

As part of the core of this new ecosystem, Carl Pei expects Nothing’s products to come first and foremost as a priority for both them and for consumers who buy their products. He also wants Nothing to blur the lines between itself and its consumers, so he has said repeatedly that company developments will never be made behind closed doors from now on - but instead, all updates must be discussed openly in order to incorporate consumer feedback wherever it may be deemed necessary.

Lunch Date:

While Nothing has shared that the launch date for its first phone is sometime in the summer of 2022, There is little information as to when exactly the date will take place or how much it will cost. During a recent leak, it was suggested that the device will be released on July 21st starting at around $500, but it is unclear if this was merely on initial sales or for unveiling as well.

Nothing Phone (1) Price in India

Nothing phone (1) estimated price in India  is RS 24,99