In France, a month-long curfew – Parisians tried to rush out of town before the ban

Coronavirus infections in France have been on the rise recently.

The French capital, Paris, has been crowded out of town in recent days.

In France, a month-long curfew

On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a new ban on curfews that would apply to the entire country.

The curfew began on Friday and is scheduled to end on 1st December. There has been a large increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the country recently, so Macron has agreed on a new curfew.

However, you can move outside if you have permission to do so. The use of a respirator outdoors is mandatory.

You are also free to travel to France from other EU and Schengen countries, and those coming from Finland are not obliged to remain in quarantine.

A total of 1.3 million infections have been diagnosed in France, with a population of 67 million. There are 36,000 deaths from the virus.

“Not again?”

Priscilla Ravelojaona from Paris tells Yle that the moods in Paris are very sad.

– Yes, the atmosphere was that “I don’t think so again,” says Ravelojaona.

The 30-year-old says Parisians had fully enjoyed the last three months when there was no curfew in the city.

He admits the whole situation is twofold. On the other hand, the numbers are growing, but at the same time, the economy is going to suffer devastatingly in the city where most of the world is eaten and drunk.

A woman working as a recruiter says that a curfew can also do good. He mentions his fear of terrorist attacks and hopes the situation may now calm down in the city.

– I don’t dare to go outside anyway right now, he points to his fear of new possible terrorist acts.

The Parisians tried to get out of the million-city crowd before the curfew
The Parisians tried to get out of the million-city crowd before the curfew began on Thursday, October 29th. Photo: EPA / Yoan Valat

There has been unrest in France over recent acts of terrorism.

Two weeks ago, 18-year-old Chechen- backed Abdoullakh Anzorov stabbed his history teacher to death and cut off his head in a Paris suburb, apparently in retaliation for his free speech teaching. The murdered teacher showed caricatures of the prophet Muhammad in the classroom.

On Thursday, a Tunisian-based man stabbed three people to death in Nice in an attack on a church. Macron called the attack an Islamist terrorist attack.

President Macron has angered Muslims worldwide with the statements he has made since the recent terrorist attacks in France.

This has led to protests against France in several Muslim countries.

 Bangladesh, protesters burned a doll
In Dhaka, Bangladesh, protesters burned a doll representing French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday. Photo: Monirul Alam / EPA


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