Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story: Clinton and Lewinsky series true picture of the famous relationship Now

Monica Lewinsky has been producing the American Crime Story: Clinton and Lewinsky series, which she says gives a true picture of the famous relationship.

Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story: Clinton and Lewinsky series true picture of the famous relationship Now

One night I became the first person from an individual whose reputation was completely destroyed on the internet.

These are the words of 48-year-old Monica Lewinsky. A woman whose name is reminiscent of a plush helmet, a smeared blue dress, and a flashed string that first attracted the attention of President Bill Clinton in November 1995. The story of the White House’s fierce trainee is seen in Fox’s American Crime Story: Clinton and Lewinsky series. This is the third season of American Crime Story. In the past, it has seen the stories of OJ Simpson and Gianni Versace.

Lewinsky himself was involved as the producer of the series and checked every word of the script. He demanded to be included in the scene where the trainee flashes his thong to the president. Lewinsky wanted the series to be truthful and portray sex in the right light.

Monica Lewinsky was involved in producing the new series.

Monica Lewinsky was involved in producing the new series. IMAGE:  IMAGESPACE

Lewinsky is portrayed by your new generation of comedians, 28-year-old Beanie Feldstein, familiar with Booksmart and Ladybird movies, among others. His brother is actor Jonah Hill. President Clinton plays Clive Owen.

American Crime Story: Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky series

The uproar that rocked the president’s ball began in 1995 when an intern waved his thong to 49-year-old President Clinton at a party held for workers at the White House. The evening then ended with kisses in the back room.

The relationship eventually lasted a couple of years. Lewinsky entrusted his situation to Linda Tripp, who recorded the conversations without Lewinsky's knowledge and handed them over to prosecutor Kenneth Starr.

Tripp had already sensed in the past that there was no clean flour in the bag for the young woman's career.

According to Tripp, Lewinsky spoke like a schoolgirl who had lost her virginity to the captain of a football team and scolded her friends for it.

- She was sure she had found a special man and that they were meant to be together. She was absolutely convinced it was only a matter of time before they returned to a relationship, the late Tripp banged in her B House of Deplorables: What I Saw Inside the Clinton White House memoirs.

Clinton vehemently denied the relationship. He was indicted for opposing justice and taking a false oath. The Senate dismissed the charges.

In a Hillary documentary released in 2020, Bill Clinton explained why he drifted into sex with Lewinsky. He said the pressures in the White House made him look for something that would turn his thoughts away.

Clinton admits he regrets that the scandal has unfairly defined Lewinsky’s entire life.

- Over the years, I have watched how he has tried to get a normal life back, but it has to be decided how normal is defined.

Lewinsky spoke of the crushing consequences of public shame at the 2013 Ted Conference. A graduate with a degree in psychology, Lewinsky actively campaigned against bullying.

Although the internet was not similar in 1998 and there were no social media yet, images and comments from Lewinsky spread widely. She was ridiculed around the world, and the woman’s reputation was tarnished for decades.

- I was branded Huts, a slut, a whore, a bimbo. I lost my reputation and self-esteem and almost lost my life too, Lewinsky recalled.

- Seventeen years ago it didn't have a name, but now we call it cyberbullying or harassment.

- That's when the crowds of virtual throwers formed.

MONICA LEWINSKY popped up with author Andrew Morton to market her book in Finland in April 1999. The visit lasted two days and included a number of signatures at various bookstores and Myyrmann in Vantaa.

IS wrote of the visit as follows:

"When the world's most famous 25-year-old woman arrived at the Myyrmann shopping center in Vantaa yesterday at noon, the people did not scream and their grandmothers did not faint.

Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story: Clinton and Lewinsky series

Lewinsky revealed that he had received a gift from Finland from Clinton. Clinton held a summit with Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Helsinki in 1997 and gave the gift he received to a loved one at the time.

There was less queuing than in the Helsinki bookstores Lewinsky visited earlier.
There was less queuing than in the bookstores in Helsinki that Lewinsky visited earlier. PHOTO:  ERKKI RASKINEN

- One of my birthday gifts was from Finland. A small, really pretty porcelain decorative plate. Probably someone gave it to him here and he gave it to me, Lewinsky told IS.