World-famous football agent Mino Raiola is dead - news is confirmed on his Twitter account

Earlier this week, Italian Gazzetta dello Sport and Spanish Marca reported that Mino Raiola was dead. The news was incorrect, but Raiola was known to be in hospital.

World-famous football agent Mino Raiola is dead - news is confirmed on his Twitter account
Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mino Raiola. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (left) and his agent Mino Raiola in 2018. Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Shutterstock / All Over Press

One of the world’s best-known and most successful football agents, Mino Raiola , has died at the age of 54.

This is report on his Twitter account.

- It is extremely sad to tell you about the death of the most caring football agent of all time. Mino fought to the end with the same force he fought at the negotiating tables in front of his players, a newsletter shared on Raiola’s Twitter account reads.

- Mino touched the lives of so many through his work and wrote a new chapter in the history of modern football. His presence is needed forever.

Raiola's death was already reported on Thursday. The Italian Gazzetta dello Sport , among others, spoke on the subject(switch to another service)and Marca of Spain(switch to another service), but the news was knocked out later. On Thursday, it was tweeted from Raiola’s Twitter account that he is alive.

- My current health status for wonders: Annoying when killed for the second time in four months, Raiola’s Twitter was acknowledged on April 28th.

So the news of his death turned out to be wrong at the time, but football journalist Tancriedi Palmieri , among others, tweeted about Raiola's doctor's words. At the time, Palmieri said that according to the doctor, Raiola's health condition was very serious.

Born in Italy and raised in the Netherlands, Raiola represented several top footballers, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Erling Braut Haaland and Paul Pogba . Raiola's lists have included Finnish players Thomas Lam .

One of the most influential and brazen negotiators

In 2019, Yle Sports published a comprehensive story about Raiola, one of the most influential advisors in the sport, listened to by star players but often hated by club bosses.

In addition to the examples listed above, Raiola represented, for example , Mario Balotelli , Pavel Nedved , Marco Verratt and Romelu Lukaku from world-famous players .

Raiola was a tough negotiator who knew how to play the publicity game and thereby increase the market value of his players. It didn't occur to everyone. In public, he was raped by Sir Alex Ferguson , the legendary manager of Manchester United .

Mino Raiola greets fans of Juventus after he trains Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligtin from Ajax to the Italian club in 2019.

Mino Raiola greets Fans of Juventus after he trains Dutch champion Matthijs de Ligtin from Ajax to the Italian club in 2019. Photo: NurPhoto / Getty Images

According to Forbes, in 2018, Raiola had 69 customers with a total contract value of more than $ 600 million.

Unnecessary importance was not part of Raiola's repertoire. She often appeared wearing a hoodie and loose jeans.

When Paul Pogba moved from Juventus to Manchester United in 2016 with a record transfer of £ 89 million (€ 105 million), Raiola reportedly received £ 41 million. At that time, criticism of the greed of football agents increased.

- It's not nice to always hear this same preconception. But perhaps the audience may also think that if this man is so greedy and so bad, how his players are happy and stay with him, Raiola himself acknowledged to the BBC last summer(switch to another service).