Selena Gomez's mascara instantly Became hit on Tiktok

Selena Gomez was applying special mascara to her lower lashes with tweezers. This instantly became a hit on Fans fell in love with it.

Selena Gomez's mascara instantly Became hit on Tiktok
Selena Gomez's Special mascara Photo: instagram/selena gomez

A tweet posted by a fan has gone viral as Selena Gomez was spotted using tweezers to apply mascara to her lower lashes. Another tweet from Kylie Jenner's make-up artist, Ariel Tejada, clarified the picture by stating that it was not just tweezers, but a special mascara brush to apply mascara to lower lashes. She also stated that the mascara brush is used by professional make-up artists. This is the first time that a tweet by a fan has gone viral so quickly.

Selena Gomez said at Tiktok that she was applying mascara to her lower lashes with tweezers. We tried after. Are you are going to apply the same products to your eyelashes?

What is one of the best things about social media? Definitely, the beauty secrets shared by celebrities that they have probably learned from the world-leading makeup artists. You would normally have to pay for such information!

This time, her makeup routine at Tiktok was shared by Selena Gomez and as you might guess, the video instantly went viral.

For the most part, the video contained pretty conventional makeup tips but based on the comments, the Tiktok people's eyes hit the same detail as we did: Selena applies mascara to her lower lashes with tweezers instead of a brush.

Since then, Selena's own make-up brand Rare Beauty has also shared a tip that has gone viral on her Instagram.

Let's put it bluntly: this tip will probably share your opinions. Its idea is to make the lower lashes doll-like by sticking them together. Usually, clinging together “spider lashes” are avoided until the last.

However, Selena's twilight rapes look great in the video. So we decided to put our prejudices aside and nick a real test.

How did Selena Gomez Apply Mascara, Read Selena Gomez's words

I am going to apply mascara with confidence, but even with the first tweezers of tweezers, I realize that the mascara I use is way too “slippery”, that is, fresh because it simply does not stick to the lashes. However, there is nothing else to offer for this distress, so let’s go.

I keep plucking and notice that the trick is collecting mascara in the very wrong place. Namely, the color mass accumulates in the lump at the base of my lashes, not in the lengths. As you might expect, there is use for cotton swabs as a result.

Eventually, I get a pile of some kind of flippers. This is what they looked like right after the painful battle:

To my surprise, the end result looks surprisingly good - at least from afar. So it makes your eyes look bigger, rounder and doll-like, as intended.

selana gomez mascara hack

However, when you look closely, the truth is revealed: after all, spider eyelashes were born from it, and worst of all, with very crooked spider legs.

I also watched Selena’s video again to find out if she had just finished the lashes with tweezers after squeezing or created the whole look without the lash brush. Even after ten views, I'm not any wiser - the color in the flaps seems to be, but by what miracle has it been applied? We need more specific instructions, Selena!

However, I am convinced of the magnifying effect of tweezers. For this reason, I’m going to try it next time, if a mere tweezer finish - and a more withered, slightly dried out mascara - would work better.