Markkanen scored 23 points – a third consecutive victory for Chicago.

The Miami Heat plans to get 1,500 spectators into their games starting next week next Thursday.

Markkanen scored 23 points

Lauri Markkanen’s good mood continues in the basketball league NBA. Markkanen scored 23 points for the Chicago Bulls when the team took a 123-110 away win over Charlotte Hornets.

Markkanen scored ten of his 17 game throws. Of the eight three-point attempts, three were successful. He took two rebounds. Markkanen was on the field for about 30 minutes.

In the Bulls ranks, only Zach LaVine scored more points than Markka, with a balance of 25 points. Charlotten Gordon Hayward threw for 34 points.

Markkanen has been one of his team’s best after returning from a break caused by Korona exposure a week ago. The exposure kept him out of seven matches.

Chicago now took its third consecutive victory. The team has won seven games this season and lost eight.

1,500 spectators for Miami home games

Corona infections and exposures have affected the early days of the NBA. Several games have had to be postponed because the teams have not had enough players fit to play.

Of the teams, the Miami Heat announced Friday local time that it plans to bring so-called corona dogs to the games to sniff the public for possible infections, news channel CBS, among others, reports.

The team has announced that starting Thursday next week, and it plans to let a limited number of 1,500 spectators into its home games. In addition to corona dogs, the auditorium’s corona safety measures also include, for example, the mandatory use of a face mask and taking care of safety gaps.

Miami lost their Friday game to the Toronto Raptors in the numbers 81-101.

Coron dogs have also been tried in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, for example, in Finland. In December, U.S. news channel CNN reported a study that dogs could be trained to smell the coronavirus in human sweat.

Although the dogs monitored in the study successfully identified people carrying the virus, they should only be used as a compliment, the study found.


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