Malaysian Woman Sells Her Unwashed Underwear And Earns Quite A Lot!

Unwashed underwear is sold by a Malaysian woman who sets the price according to how long it has been worn.  

Malaysian Woman Sells Her Unwashed Underwear And Earns Quite A Lot!

A Malaysian female recently advertised her used panties for between RM60 and RM120 for each order, claiming that they have an "original sweat scent." She describes herself as a female college student who is 18 years old.  

Prices range from a day to a week based on how long she wears them. She offers residents of Kuala Lumpur free shipping.     

The Response Was Quite Positive

Surprisingly, pre-orders are necessary for her worn underwear due to their huge demand 

"If you place an order, apologies for any delay. Just so many orders with insufficient supplies have recently been placed, she claimed.  

Even marketed her urine and "original underwear" online  

If you believe the underwear is strange enough, obviously not. She even offers to sell her pee, sometimes referred to as "holy water," for RM 40.  

In addition, she offers "original underwear" that she wore 24 hours before the customer receives it for RM 999.  

Even a customer rated her 10/10 for it.    

History of Similar Events  

If this incident has surprised you, be assured that it is not the first time it has happened. Online, several prominent locals offered their used pillows for sale at rates ranging from $20 to $200. Some clients said it helped them feel less lonely, which could be especially beneficial following a breakup.    

Although it ultimately proved to be a hoax, back then, there was interest. Another British gamer and model with over 4.2 million Instagram followers sold bottles of her bath water for $30 each.    

She told The Guardian that many people had commented on her images that they would drink her bath water. It suddenly came to me one day when I was considering possibilities. What if my bath water was truly bottled and sold?  

Though she has reminded her followers that the water should only be used for "sentimental purposes," not for drinking. 

Source: Goodyfeed

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