Lil Pump left baffled as no one recognises him in middle of busy Japan street

Lil Pump left baffled as no one recognises him in middle of busy Japan street

Lil Pump was left a lil baffled as no one recognised him in the middle of a busy Japan street.

The multi-platinum rapper looked completely perplexed as he stood in the middle of a hectic road in Japan. 

The American rapper - whose actual identity is Gazzy Garcia - is famous for his massive hits, like "Gucci Gang," with more than 1 billion viewers on YouTube.The 22-year-old has been featured alongside the likes of Kanye West, and Diplo as well as being a major brand in hip-hop's scene.

As you can see in the video above, nobody batted an eyelid when Pump turned his head.The viewers were extremely savage in their comments, with one commenter writing: "So basically the same as in the US."Another comment: "I would've recognised him but he kept walking."

"Plot twist that this wasn't LA," a third joke.

"They likely believed that it was Jack Sparrow," another said.In Pump's defence, a follow-up video does picture him taking selfies with a few Japanese fans, yet, the internet trolls didn't stop there.

"Yeah his team probably paid them to pretend," one person said.

Someone else said: "I can literally go to Japan, pay five people to want my autograph and Japanese people will come to me thinking I’m an American celebrity.""When you're desperate for fans," a third person commented.Someone else said: "They just take pics with Americans tho lol ain't no way they knew who he was."

Well, if you are a fan of the rapper, you'll be well aware of how much he likes his tattoos.Face, arms, legs, chest - the guy has tats everywhere.

In a recent interview, he told Inked magazine that he got a Powerpuff Girls tattoo to celebrate his month-long run of daily threesomes.

"I got that Powerpuff Girls tattoo around when I dropped Harverd Dropout," he said.

"For that whole month, I was having threesomes, like, every single day. So that was the reason I got the Powerpuff Girls on my neck. It was an amazing month."The rapper also stated that his tattoo of 'Jah' was in memory of the late rapper XXXTentacion.

"Yeah. Jah was a truly special man Man. He died too early," he said.

"I recall a time when I visited L.A. and it was likely the second time that I had been in L.A. when I was about 17 years old and I did not have a place to stay at and then X literally walked up to me and said"Oh, you are welcome to stay in my place of residence.'

"After that, I was like"that's an extremely real person. Then I thought, this is my brother."