Kim Kardashian damage Marilyn Monroe's historic dress Photo's

The collector Scott Fortner has published several photographs where you can see the serious damage that the iconic garment suffered during the MET Gala.

Kim Kardashian damage Marilyn Monroe's historic dress Photo's
Kim Kardashian damage Marilyn Monroe's Historic Dress

On May 2, Kim Kardashian became the center of attention during her posing on the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum of New York (MET) Gala by appearing in one of the most iconic Marilyn Monroe dresses

Specifically, the gown that was worn by Marilyn Monroe at her Happy Birthday performance for President John F. Kennedy.  It is alleged that Kim Kardashian ruined the dress because of what she did whilst wearing it, so much so that a collector was convinced if she had worn it, it would have been damaged beyond repair.

Marilyn Monroe's historic dress Photo's

The iconic Marilyn Monroe erotic white dress that was a symbol of her image of *** goddess and was purchased for a record 22.5 million dollars in New York City on May 4, is an ill-fated and poorly conceived garment that may have been worn only once by actress Kim Kardashian at the MET Gala in 2014. The reality tv star who admitted to having to shed over 7 pounds to fit into the tiny piece of historic fashion design suffered embarrassment while posing standing next to boyfriend Kanye West like a bedraggled spindly stick figure in her flimsy dress, looking rather ridiculous and puffy according to a recent media report.

Scott Fortner has shared several photos on his social networks where the damage is observed. In the images, you can see how the fabric is torn, breaking in the area of ​​​​the closure of the back. In addition, some of the crystals that adorn the dress have been lost. Some of the crystals that adorn this dress have been lost over time. Marilyn Monroe’s collector @marilynmonroecolection poses a poignant question on Instagram: Was it worth it?”

The culprits, according to Scott Fortner

Kim Kardashian at red carpet Metropolitan Museum New York MET Gala

Scott Fortner's words point directly to Amanda Joiner, vice president of the 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' gallery that acquired the dress in 2016, who months before the MET Gala explained in 'Daily Beast' the entire process that was being carried out. out to safeguard the integrity of the garment. “We had many conversations with Kim and her team. A lot of requirements were put in place around the safety and handling of the dress,” Joiner said.

We did two tests with her. The first was in Los Angeles, in April, and then the second a little later to see if she fit him or not. The biggest challenge we had is that we really wanted to make sure we kept the integrity of the dress preserving it because she is 60 years old,” she added back then.

The controversy over Marilyn Monroe's dress has taken on an international dimension. Amanda Joiner and the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Gallery has not yet made any statement regarding the condition of Marilyn Monroe's dress after it emerged from behind a glass display case. Kim Kardashian, however, claims that Marilyn Monroe would have approved of her fundraising efforts and "would be smiling down on me if she saw what I'm doing for entertainment for our troops."