How was Johnny Depp's finger cut? This is the version of him and Amber Heard

How did Johnny Depp lose part of his finger? With the defamation trial, his version of events has been released, as well as that of Amber Heard.

How was Johnny Depp's finger cut? This is the version of him and Amber Heard
How was Johnny Depp's finger cut

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues.

Over four weeks, the jury has heard various testimonies, including those of the plaintiff - Johnny Depp - and the defendant - Amber Heard - because both celebrities took the stand to testify and offer their own versions of the events.

Among the various attacks that they experienced as a couple, the partial loss of one of the fingers of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow stands out. Heard claims that Depp's own fault has cut his finger.

How was Johnny Depp's finger cut?

Johnny Depp explains that it was the fault of Amber Heard who threw a vodka bottle at his hand. Due to this, the tip of his finger was damaged.

“He grabbed the bottle and threw it at me. When I bowed my hand to the side, Amber Heard threw the big bottle, my hand coming into contact with it beyond the bottle breaking. I didn't feel any pain at first. I was feeling the heat, I felt like blood was dripping down my hand, I looked down and felt my finger vein cut. The bone of my finger could be seen coming out.

“I was looking directly at my bone coming out. The blood was gushing and at that point, I went into a sort of…I don't know what a nervous breakdown feels like, but that's probably as close as I've ever come. Nothing made sense. I knew in my mind and in my heart that this was not life. This is not life. No one should have to go through this, ” Depp told the jury during the second week of the trial.

Amber Heard's version

Throughout the trial, Amber Heard gave two different versions of how her ex-husband lost his finger.

In the first, the actress revealed that Johnny cut his finger by hitting a cell phone against the wall repeatedly until it broke, while in the second he pointed out that Depp cut himself with a knife.

Both versions agree that this happened after a strong argument, in which she allegedly suffered sexual violence, as she points out that Johnny searched for drugs inside her body through a "body cavity search" and then raped her with a glass bottle.

Surgeon Says Depp's Injury Is 'Not Consistent With What He Described

As part of her defense, Amber called as a witness Dr. Richard Moore, an orthopedic surgeon who said he had performed thousands of hand surgeries in his career, said that Depps' injury was not in line with what the actor was told.

Moore said there was no record of cuts elsewhere on Depp's hand, meaning that if Depp's hand had been facing down on the edge of the bar, the nail would have been injured, but the photos show an injury under the nail and even suggested that it was more consistent than his finger had been crushed in a door or a drawer.

Johnny Depp's defense denies the surgeon

At the end of his testimony, Moore faced cross-examination by Camille Vasquez, Depp's lawyer, who denied the surgeon by showing photos of the scene of the discussion between Depp and Heard, the same ones in which broken glass is seen on the floor next to to the bar, in addition to body tissue.

For his part, Moore acknowledged that he had not reviewed those photos and that he was not aware of the testimony of another witness, Ben King, who found part of the finger in the bar area.