The life story of motorcycle road racer "Jarno Saarinen"  in Drama Series

The filming of the TV series Life story of professional Grand Prix motorcycle racer Jarno Saarinen will begin in July. The series is described both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

The life story of motorcycle road racer "Jarno Saarinen"  in Drama Series
Jarno Saarinen toured European motorways in the 1970s and was encouraged by his wife, Soili.

A drama series about the life of the legend of track motorcycling Jarno Saarinen is described. Filming for the six-part series will begin in July.

The series takes a look at the world of track motorcycling in the 1960s and 70s and Saarinen's achievements. Saarinen was the first Finnish world champion in track racing when he drove the 250-cubic world champion of TT bikes in 1972 in Imatranajo.

Saarinen's achievements did not fall short of the championship he won at Imatra. The following year, Saarinen won the Daytona Beach 200-mile race as the first non-American.

The drama series is filmed with an international line-up in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The domestic partners of the series are Yleisradio and Wireframe.

The series is produced by Timo Vierimaa, written by Sami Keski-Vähälä, and directed by Simon Kaijser.

He built his own bikes

motorcycle road racer Jarno Saarinen

Saarinen was a mechanic who initially built and refurbished his own bikes. He had two big brothers and a little brother with whom he had been passionate about bicycles and mopeds since he was a child.

In the 60s, Saarinen began dating his future wife Soil. Soili later encouraged her husband on frequent races. Saarinen was known as the person who cared about the safety of the track. Yet the species eventually claimed a life from him in the end.

Saarinen died in the Monza race in 1973 when a driver driving next to him derailed in a collision with a steel railing. His bike was thrown in a collision from the Islands and hit on the head. Saarinen died quickly of his injuries. He was 27 years old at the time of his death.

Saarinen's reputation as a "flying Finn" has been preserved in international circles for decades. This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Saarinen's World Championship.

Imatra commemorated Saarinen's achievement this year by naming the Imatranajo street track Jarno Saarinen Circuit Imatra.