Japanese office worker dresses as pizza deliveryman and hikes up Mount Fuji for fun

Japanese office worker dresses as pizza deliveryman and hikes up Mount Fuji for fun

Somebody in a Domino's Pizza T-shirt is making the rounds on Japanese Twitter, claiming to have delivered pizza to the peak of Mount Fuji.

"Yesterday, I climbed Mount Fuji. Someone placed a Domino's Pizza order."

The black-clad guy was seen rapidly making his way to where his client was waiting while carrying a thermal bag from Domino's Pizza on his back. The clouds in the background suggested that the photo was shot atop Japan's tallest mountain, Mount Fuji.

There was a six-hour delay in pizza delivery.

At 7:38 in the morning, he began his ascent, and he documented it with a series of photos of his Domino's Pizza carrying bag at different locations along the route.

About six hours later, at 1:27 p.m., he arrived at his destination.

He also posed with the man who supposedly placed an order for pizza and was happy to get it from him in a box.

Certainly not a delivery

To be clear, the guy is not a Domino's employee nor a delivery person.

Asahi TV claims he is only an ordinary office worker who spends his free time climbing mountains and that his delivery bag is stuffed with mountaineering gear instead of pizza.

While on long mountain hikes, Umanami Futoshi often dons the disguise of a delivery person from one of many fictional firms.

Here are some photos of him modeling delivery uniforms from companies like Uber Eats and Demae-Can in Japan, as well as from Pizza-La, the country's second-biggest pizza chain by sales behind Domino's.

Umami told Asahi TV that he obtained an Uber Eats thermal delivery bag around a year ago, although his profile states he loves to give "surprises and happiness" to people on high tops. As a result, he decided it would be "interesting" to take it with him on a trek up Mount Fuji.

He began cosplaying as delivery personnel for several firms after receiving rave reviews from fellow hikers.

He went on to say that he was inspired by the support he received and that he was able to go up mountains with much more ease as a result.

Adapted from a photo by Umanami/Yampa and a tweet by @fatmanairsoft