Japan Will Reopen to Tourists in October 11!

Japan is set to allow international tourists to visit.

Japan Will Reopen to Tourists in October 11!

Japan, one of the pandemic's last main holdouts, is lifting Covid-19 prohibitions and reopening the gate to mass travel. 

The nation, known for its distinctive blend of dynamic urban culture and natural beauty, is loosening restrictions on international tourists, as per a tweet from Taro Kono, Japan's minister of digital affairs, on Thursday.

"Japan will finally reopen the border," the tweet added. "The visa waiver is restored, with no daily restriction and no fee for individual trips."

The new regulations go into effect on October 11.

"We will abolish the cap on entry into Japan, remove the limit on personal travel, and remove the bar on visa-free travel," Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Thursday at a press event in New York City(USA), where he was visiting the United Nations General Assembly conference.


In addition to the restrictions being lifted, Kishida explained, "on the same day, we schedule to start a campaign to provide domestic travel special offers and event discounts to inhabitants of Japan in the hopes that many people will take benefit of the opportunity to assist the hotel, travel, and entertainment sectors which have struggled immense blows during the pandemic."

After over two and a half years of stringent Covid-19 limitations on who might enter the nation and under what conditions, the change represents a significant policy shift.


These limitations have included daily entry limits, stringent coronavirus testing requirements, and mandatory tour group attendance. 

Source: Cnn

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