Japan has a service where shiba inu greet you at the airport

Japan has a service where shiba inu greet you at the airport

Typically, when you see a poster in your neighborhood with a dog on it, you can't help but feel a pang of sadness as it's usually a lost dog poster. Japanese Twitter user Takahiro Yamashita (@TKHR84) came across one in Shimane prefecture that brought him and now many online when he did a double-check, however.

That's because Yamashita stumbled upon a poster advertising a service that sounds like heaven to dog lovers--a service that has shiba inu greet you when you get off at the airport!

"I thought it was a lost dog poster, but it's for "shiba inu who greet you at the airport.""

The poster is for a service at Hagi-Ishimi Airport in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture. A roster of 20 shiba inu welcome passengers who get off of ANA Flight 725, which arrives at the airport at 9:45 on the first and third Saturdays of every month. If you're wondering about the reason behind the service (outside of it being an amazing idea), Masuda city is said to be the birthplace of shiba inu in Japan.

The charming service has people all over the net smitten, with many who were unaware of it leaving excited comments in the replies:

"What a wonderful service! I hope it spreads all over the world."

"I guess I have no choice but to visit Shimane now."

"I want to meet all of them!"