IMF released a new economic forecast: The impact of the interest rate pandemic on the world economy is smaller than expected

But, as stated by the IMF, economic recovery may require more than previously expected.

Even the International Monetary Fund estimates that the international market will last the interest-rate pandemic a lot better than anticipated.This is reflected in the financial forecast published by the organization today(you switch to another service).

IMF released a new economic forecast
Stockbroker on the New York Stock Exchange on March 16, 2020. Photo: Justin Lane / EPA

The IMF forecasts that the global economy will shrink by 4.4 percent this year instead of the previously predicted 5.2 percent.
According to the organization, the stronger-than-expected development is explained by stronger-than-expected support measures by governments and central banks.

However, the IMF recalls that the contraction of the world economy projected for this year is historic. The last similar has been seen in connection with the recession of the 1930s.

The return on the world economy will fall by almost EUR 24 trillion this year alone if the IMF forecast materializes(you switch to another service).

The IMF also believes that the effects of the coronary pandemic on the economy will extend beyond previously thought.

The IMF forecasts that the Finnish economy will shrink by 4 per cent this year.


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