How will the royal family split the Queen's fortune?  

How will the royal family split the Queen's fortune?  

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday at the age of 96, was undoubtedly very wealthy, but perhaps not to the extent that some might have anticipated for someone in her position. Her wealth is believed to be somewhat more than $500 million, while King Charles III, her son, is said to have a fortune of roughly $400 million. As per Forbes magazine, the total net worth of the whole royal family is believed to be above 28 billion dollars.   

Queen's Family


The subject of how the Queen's wealth will be divided after her passing emerges. Charles has taken her place as King, although he will not get the whole sum. Rather, he will automatically earn 15% of the royal family's yearly income, which is multiplied and placed in the monarch's purse. Charles will also get a yearly salary of 24 million dollars from the Duchy of Lancaster.   

In addition to Charles, the Queen had three more children: Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.   

According to Josh Rom, a Royal Family expert, "it's been said that Andrew was her favorite son in the past." He has a good chance of winning some of the prizes. The public's response to this, nevertheless, will be fascinating to see because Prince Andrew is attempting vainly to repair his reputation after being charged with rape at Jeffrey Epstein's residence and even struck a payment with one of the accusers. Even though it doesn't appear that the Queen overlooked him in the sharing of the prizes, it is likely not good for him to be back in the news.     

Queen's Family

Along with their children, Princess Anne and Prince Edward are anticipated to receive rewards. The interesting tale concerns Prince Harry, who missed the opportunity to be with the Queen during her last hours at Balmoral Castle in Scotland and instead arrived around 30 minutes after the announcement of her passing.  

He did not, however, have his wife Meghan Markle with him when he showed up for the eulogy in Aberdeen. Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife, did not attend either, which helped to deflect attention away from the contentious couple who left the royal house in 2020. In any case, it is unknown how much of the estate will go to Harry, even if he had remained friendly with his grandmother even after he proclaimed his departure from the royal family.   

Plans for relocating to the palace are being planned in the interim. The newly minted Prince and Princess of Wales William and Kate are anticipated to enter the 1,000-year-old castle, which is the eldest operating palace in the world, while Balmoral is anticipated to transform into a museum. Charles is not a huge lover of Windsor Castle since it is too noisy for his liking. Charles is anticipated to alter more buildings and, in general, limit the number of royal family houses. 

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