Gina Stewart Australian model has a three-year-old granddaughter

The Australian model and influencer has a three-year-old granddaughter and is considered by her fans the "sexiest grandmother in the world".

Gina Stewart Australian model has a three-year-old granddaughter
Gina Stewart, the 51-year-old influencer grandmother who succeeds in OnlyFans

Gina Stewart has become quite an influencer over the years, and now, at 51 years old, and as a mother of four children and grandmother of a three-year-old girl, she is called by her fans the "sexiest grandmother of the world”. And it is that despite having exceeded half a century, the Australian maintains a rejuvenating appearance.

An aspect that he has not hesitated to take advantage of, and not only on Instagram, where he has more than 339,000 followers but also on OnlyFans, where he has gone on to create adult content and succeed. A platform that is becoming more famous every day throughout the world, and which is curiously the place where Gina has found more couples, as she herself previously confessed.

The Maxim model also went viral a few months ago when she confessed to her followers that she does not like to wear a bra, giving a figure of the time she had not worn this garment: “Honestly, I can say that I have not worn a bra in more than 16 years ”. A confession that she clarified later, assuring that she uses it when required in photo sessions.

Claims to have a completely natural body

Gina Stewart is also at the center of the controversy over those who claim that her body is unnatural, despite the influencer's continued claims that her body is completely natural, except for her breast augmentation operation almost 10 years ago.

The influencer ignores the criticism, and it is that she has also confessed that the secret to her beauty is a strict diet and an exercise plan that she carries out daily. In addition, she keeps her body free of chemicals and only drinks alkaline water because of her mineral content. " Life is too short not to take care of yourself and become as healthy as possible," said the Australian model.