Formula 1 To Introduce All Female Series

An all-female series has been established by Formula 1 to advance female drivers in the motorsports industry.  

 Formula 1 To Introduce All Female Series
 Formula 1 To Introduce All Female Series

5 teams of three cars will compete in seven events, including three races, under the name "F1 Academy." The series provides female drivers "the finest chance to fulfill their aspirations," according to F1 president Stefano Domenicali. Each car will get a €150,000 subsidy from F1. To participate, drivers must contribute the same amount once more.   

F1 said in a statement that although the schedule has not been revealed, one of the races is probably going to be held at a grand Prix. The Formula 4, an entry-level series for drivers making their racing debuts, will continue to use the same vehicles throughout the season.  

"Everyone deserves the chance to follow their goals and realize their potential," Domenicali continued, "and Formula 1 wants to make sure we're doing everything we can to increase diversity and pathways into this fantastic sport." "A complete program that promotes their racing careers and offers them all they need to advance into F3, maybe to F2, and eventually the top of Formula 1," he said. "More opportunities are always better, and this is intended to provide the drivers another path to success."   

The series was envisioned as "an additional avenue for another generation of young female drivers," according to an F1 statement. The declaration added: "Youth female drivers do not have the same experience level as their male colleagues at the same age, which was discovered during analyses of the difficulties they confront while trying to climb the F1 pyramid.  

"The objective is to close this gap and provide them more exposure to testing, racing, and track time.

Partnering with pro teams, who are known in racing for developing young drivers, will help them build the essential technical, physical, and mental preparations, which will help them advance. One of its rivals, Jessica Hawkins, driving ambassador for the Aston Martin F1 team, said she thought the two could coexist. W Series is looking for funding to continue till 2023.  

Hawkins stated that she saw the newest season as "a plus," he continued, adding that "any championship that supports women should be embraced. The more ladies we have in racing, the better. "I'd like to believe that it would complement W Series. Because it is not what we are fighting for, I detest the idea that they would ever be in a rivalry.  

"We're all aiming to accomplish the same objective, so it doesn't matter who has the best championship; it matters how well we work together."  

She stated that "additional possibilities at the grass-roots level" are needed. She drew a comparison between the two-time F1 winner Fernando Alonso, who will race for Aston Martin in 2023, and other women drivers who had previously achieved success in the sport.  

Hawkins stated, "At Aston Martin, we recently signed a 41-year-old who's still at his peak performance. "Why do we need someone so young? Why not use what we currently have to help move it along? "And my current goal is to have as many female racers as possible so that when the question of a female F1 driver arises, it will be a natural development. "They will move forward because there are more options in the pot to choose from and because fewer things will spill out of it.  

"F1 or an F4 championship, in my opinion, won't resolve all the problems. It will undoubtedly be of great assistance, and I am grateful for it, but let's not discount those who have already achieved success. For the maybe somewhat older ones, it is still not too late." 

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