Ex-Husband who broke into Britney Spears' wedding is charged with several crimes

Jason Alexander, who has been married to Britney Spears for 55 hours, will have to answer for his hoe visit in court.

Ex-Husband who broke into Britney Spears' wedding is charged with several crimes
Ex-Husband who broke into Britney Spears wedding

POP STAR Britney Spears, 40, of ex-spouse Jason Alexander, 40, who broke into the wedding last week, has been indicted, the BBC reported.

According to the BBC, Alexander is accused of persecution, breach of domestic peace, assault, and vandalism. Police arrested her when she allegedly broke into Spears ’yard before the wedding ceremony began and filmed a live video on the spot. Alexander has denied guilt in all charges.

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Spears and Alexander married in 2004 in Las Vegas, but the union lasted only 55 hours.

THE WEDDING OF SPEARS and her new husband Sam Asghar, 28, was celebrated Thursday in Los Angeles at Spears ’lavish mansion. Alexander filmed a live video of the scene, in which he toured the decorated wedding venue, showcasing the floral arrangements there, among other things.

People magazine tells how a man, during a round trip, hated his own outspoken opinions about the wedding.

AN UNINVITED guest at the wedding venue quickly caught the attention of the wedding venue staff, especially the guards. When asked, Alexander claimed to be present at the invitation of the bride herself. Despite the requests, the man refused to leave the area.

- Britney Spears called me here. She is my first wife, my only wife. I am her first husband. I came here as a hoe guest, the man said, according to People.

Police had to be called to the scene, and arrested Alexander and took him away.

Despite the incident, Spears and Asghari later married the same day as planned. The celebration was considered intimate and was attended by only about sixty people. Invited guests included Paris Hilton and Madonna, among others. Spears' parents, sister, and two children did not attend the party.

The newlyweds got engaged last September. Spears still had to spend a couple of months under her patronage after the engagement. According to several magazines, Spears began planning her wedding almost as soon as the guardianship arrangement was finally dissolved as a result of the trial.

- Well, here's an insider's taste of horse shit, Alexander loaded.