Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth could be facing their worst marriage crisis

The couple, one of the most iconic in Hollywood, would be on the verge of separation after 10 years of marriage, according to several Australian media.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth could be facing their worst marriage crisis

Throughout the entire history of Hollywood, many actors have transcended the media beyond their films for their romantic lives. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became one of the most iconic marriages in North American cinema, although their breakup – which occurred a few years ago – caused a great shock to millions of fans in the film industry. His witness was picked up by two other actors who have since formed one of the most envied couples in Hollywood. After ten years of marriage, and some more of a relationship, Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth have been together, although they are possibly experiencing the greatest of their crisis.

Away as far as possible from any media focus, the couple decided to settle in Australia, the home country of the actor who gave life to ‘ Thor ‘ and where their three children grow up. It is precisely from this country that the rumors that make Hollywood wake up concerned about the health of one of the most followed and envied marriages in recent history come. Their relationship has always been considered exemplary, both for their respective careers and for their love story, which they always share on their social networks every time the occasion deserves it.

The filming of the last of ‘Thor’ has unleashed the rumors

The last time they did it was on Valentine’s Day, on February 14, the date on which – according to some media – they tried to dispel any rumors of unease between the two with two publications that were not fully detailed. The root of this alleged marital crisis and possible breakup, of which none has publicly spoken, is due to the Australian actor’s latest shooting of the next ‘ Thor ‘ movie: ‘ Love and Thunder ‘.

Scheduled for 2022, the filming of some of the scenes is taking place lately, which have led Chris Hemsworth and Pom Klementieff to coincide in Byron Beach . In this famous place in Australia, both enjoyed a party, on the occasion of the filming, where they were photographed hugging and in very affectionate attitudes without realizing that they were being observed by the neighbors of the area. These images, therefore, would have aroused the discomfort of Elsa Pataky, according to several Australian media in recent hours, such as ‘ Now to love ‘ , which attaches some of these snapshots.

Some sources close to the actor himself admit that the relationship between Chris Hemsworth and Pom Klementieff is simply one of friendship, which began several years ago after agreeing on another project. However, these images would not be the first to ‘unleash’ the anger of the Spanish interpreter , since in previous shootings the Australian was seen very close to his filming companions. Added to this is the surprise of many of his friends to see how both focus on different professional projects in different areas of Sydney, which does not square with one of his most famous phrases about family: “We want one of us to always be with the children. ” With this phrase, the couple recognized their intentions not to coincide in projects to take care of the little ones.

At the moment neither of the two actors has spoken about it, although these images have already motivated the rumors of separation not only in Australia – the country from which they have left for a few days – but also in Hollywood, whose celebrity scene has already been reeling from the possible breakdown of one of the most followed and envied marriages in recent years.


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