Johnny Depp left Tampere After Performing at Helsinki Blues Festival in Finland

HOWEVER, DEPP waved happily to his fans from the bus window. People left to run after the bus, but the black tour bus turned away from the Tampere building.

Johnny Depp left Tampere After Performing at Helsinki Blues Festival in Finland
Johnny Depp left Tampere after performed at the Tampere Hall PHOTO: KALLE PARKKINEN

One fan said Depp would possibly be leaving with Beck and other band members in Oslo, where they will perform next.

Johnny Depp performed at the Tampere Hall with guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck and this tour line-up.

Actor Johnny Depp performed at Tampere Hall on Monday, June 20, along with guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck and other members of the lineup, bassist Rhonda Smith, drummer Anika Nilles, and keyboardist Robert Stevenson.

Fans came to the backyard of Tampere Hall right after the show and praised the show.

After the gig, the actor Johnny Depp was content to blink at the crowd of fans gathered at Tampere Hall.

jonny depp hugs with his fans

Johnny Depp hugs his fan before leavingTampere

Enthusiastic people gathered in large numbers to wait to see Depp. Beck and Rhonda Smith left the tour bus in front of the fans and Depp was expected to come to greet the fans during the day.

However, disappointed exclamations began to be heard from the fan crowd when Deppin was noticed secretly boarding the tour bus.

- I asked him during the day if he still had time to take a sauna in Finland because he said that he wanted it. However, he told me that they are already going to the next gig venue in Oslo, the fan told Ilta-Sanomat.

However, there is no certainty as to where Jeff Beck’s tour lineup Depp actually went with him.

EARLIER in the day, Depp walked over to the fans at the back door of Tampere House.

Stuck in a dark hat and sunglasses, the star handed fans autographs and even hugs.

A fan handed Depp a piece of jewelry he had made himself, which he tied to the man's arm. After that, Depp gave his fans a big hug, which made this clearly move.

Visiting actress-musician Johnny Depp told Ilta-Sanomat's journalist that he enjoyed his visit to Finland.

- We are here for far too little time, Depp said in front of the sunny Tampere building.

However, the star would like to visit Finland in the future

- I think we'll be back at some point.

- At least I hope we will play another gig, Depp says and kindly wishes you a nice evening after that.