Actress Constance Wu Reveals She Attempted Suicide After ‘Fresh Off the Boat’

Actress Constance Wu talks openly about her suicide attempt on Twitter. Actress Constance Wu Reveals She Attempted Suicide After ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ uproar

Actress Constance Wu Reveals She Attempted Suicide After ‘Fresh Off the Boat’
Actress Constance Wu Photo: theoffcamerashow

Actress Constance Wu, 40, known for HUSTLERS and Crazy Rich Asians, returned from her years-long hiatus from social media with a serious Twitter post. The actor says that the reason for the almost three-year break is that nasty social media comments drove him to the brink of suicide at the time, reports People magazine.

The actor says in his publication that in 2019 he unexpectedly found himself in the middle of quite a social media storm. The fun started when Wu found out that the TV series Fresh Off the Boat, which he had already starred in for five seasons, would continue in a new season. This meant that Wu could not pursue other projects he wanted.

- I'm so out of the depth that I'm literally crying, the actor expressed his feelings on Twitter, according to CNN in 2019.

HOWEVER, WU'S reaction to the continuation of the series did not please his followers: on the contrary, it infuriated them.

- Three years ago, I published thoughtless tweets about the continuation of my TV show, which led to people getting angry and cyberbullying, which eventually got pretty bad, says the actor now on Twitter.

Wu is best known for his role in Crazy Rich Asians

WU says that even though he received a lot of criticism for his activities, certain types of comments were particularly hard to come by.

- Another Asian American actor messaged me and said I've ruined our community. I began to feel that I was a disgrace to Asian Americans and that the community would be better off without me.

- In retrospect, it seems unreal that I wanted to die because of a few private messages, but that's what happened. Fortunately, my friend found me in time and took me to the emergency room, says Wu about his experience.

Since the suicide attempt IN 2019, there has been radio silence on Wu's social media. The actor says that returning to social media still feels scary, and he plans to at least take it easy at the beginning.

- Even though I'm scared, I owe it to myself three years ago to be brave and share my own story, because it might help others.

CONSTANCE Wu is known to many from the 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians, which became a phenomenon in the United States. The film is historic in that it is the first major Hollywood hit to have all of its main actors be of Asian ethnicity. Wu played one of the main roles in the film and earned a Golden Globe nomination for his performance.