Cluster of coronary infections at the recycling center – about 50 infected employees, so far no indications of virus transformation

Several coronavirus infections have been diagnosed at the Nihtisilla Recycling Center in Espoo.

Cluster of coronary infections at the recycling center

At the Nihtisilla Recycling Center in Espoo, coronavirus infection has been diagnosed in about 50 employees.

Infections were revealed in screening tests performed on staff. Samples have also been sent for further studies to identify possible coronavirus variants, but so far, no indication of a viral variant has been placed. The Espoo Infectious Diseases Unit is closely monitoring the situation.

Eight of those infected have worked in the store, and the rest in background activities. Those working in background functions have not been in customer contact.

– We wonder how this is possible, and we cannot estimate how many infections there are. They have arrived in a short time, within about a week, says Juha Lehtikuja, CEO of Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskus Oy.

Infected staff members have been assigned to isolation, and exposed personnel have been given to quarantine.

Persons who have done business at the Nihtisilla Recycling Center on Friday 15.1. 10 am10 am to 3 pm3 pm, Monday, Jan. 18. from 1 to 8 pm8 pm or on Tuesday, Jan. 19. From 12 noon to 8 pm8 pm, they are advised to closely monitor for signs of coronavirus infection. These include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste, or stomach symptoms.

Store staff changed

CEO Juha Lehtikuja says that employees at the Recycling Center have a mask. When infections began to appear last week, more effective FFP2-level masks were also procured for workers. Again, the workplace can meet in groups of up to 10 people.

– Masks are used, but FFP2-level masks are not yet used by the majority but use surgical shields. We are trying to increase the use of more effective masks all the time, says Lehtikuja.

The staff of the Nihtisilla Recycling Center store was changed last Thursday when infections started to appear. The store now employs people who have not been exposed.


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