Latest research on sickle cell disease clinical trials check if your are qualify

A clinical trial is a careful study to determine if the investigational drug is safe and effective in treating sickle cell anemia. A clinical trial should be considered as the last resort for relief and not a treat for every session.

Latest research on sickle cell disease clinical trials check if your are qualify

A sickle cell crisis is the most uncomfortable and agonizing time for sickle cell patient and their family and friends. 

People with sickle cell disease commonly suffer from anemia which can lead to a lot of pain, nausea, and other problems. There are potential ways to help cure it but they've been difficult to test since sickle cell is so uncommon in the developed Western world. But a clinical study will soon be underway by correcting patients' mutated genes using gene therapy in order to try to help cure the disease once and for all.

What is the purpose of clinical trials?

The purpose of these clinical research studies is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the investigational medication in improving anemia and reducing the sickle cell crises

How do I qualify for this clinical research study?

Eligibility requirement

Have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Have experienced a sickle cell pain crisis (also known as a vaso-occlusive crisis [VOC] two or more times within the past year.

what do the participants receive after qualifying for the study?

All trial-related medical care, procedures, tests, and trial medication Compensation for your time and travel during this study An investigational study of anemia will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a new drug or other intervention.

The main goal is to use the clinical trial results to gain approval for broad marketing as quickly as possible on top of any findings that could help scientists better understand how sickle cell crises occur. Conclusion: I encourage you to learn more about this study and if you are eligible, we hope to see you at the study site.