The best league of the world

Of course it will always be the best league in the world. Because neither Barça nor Madrid never give up. Whatever happens.

The best league of the world

The best players in the world want to play in the two cathedrals that have the greatest standard in world sport, which are Barça and Madrid.

For a time, teams that luckily and tenacity ooze momentary joys such as Liverpool, who had not won a Premier for more than twenty years or a PSG who did more than a pirouette so that UEFA would not sanction them for exceeding, can take away their prominence for a time. the financial Fair Play buying Mbappé from Monaco and many others without showing reliable income.

United has been in the hell of oblivion for years, not to mention the Milanists or Interistas who continue to recover from the crumbs that Berlusconi or Mou left behind.

Barça is without a president, without a euro in its coffers, with a chilling debt and with a Messi who in three months turns 34 and even so, continues to beat Sevilla and not throw La Liga.

Madrid the same. With nine casualties, with Isco out of shape, with Marco aimless and with a Zidane who has no more good luck to take advantage of, he beat Atalanta and does not release La Liga.

For his part, Simeone made a fool of himself against Chelsea who did not kick between the sticks even once and continues to resist on a last straight that will be long and uphill.

And does the jersey have something to do with a player’s genes? Or put another way, does the shirt weigh you down?

Well of course it is. The basis lies in the winning and losing mentality. Atlético won a rebound league and with a goal unfairly disallowed by Messi, but taking that moment out, they have not yet shown what any team has to do to gain respect, which is to win.

Today Pedri was injured, Araujo too, but Messi smiled, fought and then scored a goal with a croquette at speed that few will ever be able to match.

Wednesday will be crazy and as the late Balmaña used to say, it will be the typical cup-bearer game of which there is no tomorrow in which the two teams fight to leave another notch in history.


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