Adult video actress embraces 3,000 admirers in 24-hour Shibuya event

Adult video actress embraces 3,000 admirers in 24-hour Shibuya event

Japanese adult film star Eimi Fukada, most known for her racy movies, recently conducted a 24-hour event where she greeted and embraced every fan who had waited in line to see her.

Every one of the 3,163.

The most hugged female

The event was hosted by 24-year-old Fukada on August 27 at 6 p.m. in Shibuya, Tokyo. She made the declaration to become "the most hugged lady in the world."

On August 28, she clocked out at 6 p.m.

During the competition, Fukada reportedly only took one three-hour break and a few 10-minute breaks.

She was "extremely fatigued" after the event since she had no time to sleep, even at night.

After the fact, she praised her supporters, stating that with their encouragement, she had been able to perform to the best of her abilities.

According to Yahoo (Japan), Fukada changed into several different outfits throughout the event, including a traditional yukata, a bunny suit, an "office woman" attire, and a "China dress" (cheongsam). The embrace was free, but participants had to pay 1,000 yen (S$10.10) for a smartphone snap. Merchandise was also available to fans.

Fans were asked to keep their arms at their sides or behind them and not embrace Fukada back throughout the event.

Many of her male admirers showed out to the concert to show their support.

In the wee hours of August 28, crowd control was instituted when it became clear that the reaction was going to be too great. At 10 a.m., people once again began lining up.

You can see a clip from the event, which was broadcast live on YouTube, below.