SIDEMEN Charity Match Raises Over $1,000,000

Sidemen YouTube team competed against an All-Star YouTube XI to raise over £1 million for charity.

SIDEMEN Charity Match Raises Over $1,000,000
Sidemen YouTube team competed against an All-Star YouTube XI

A star-studded football match that was attended by YouTuber KSI helped earn over £1 million for charity. 

More than 17 million people have already seen the Sidemen Charity Match 2022 event on YouTube as well as various internet sites thanks in large part to the Watford-born social media sensation, rapper, and boxer. 

At Charlton Athletic's venue in London on Saturday, his Sidemen YouTube team competed against an All-Star YouTube XI in the presence of over 25,000 spectators. 

The Sidemen XI prevailed 8-7 in a thrilling game after scoring 2 goals in overtime. 

YouTube personalities from all over the globe participated in the match, including Mr. Beast, who has more than hundred million subscribers, the adolescent US streamer Speed, the Twitch streamer and YouTuber Edwin Castro, and other YouTubers including Theo Baker and Harry Pinero.  

Freestyler Billy Wingrove was given control of the Sidemen, while Mark Goldbridge, a Manchester United supporter and YouTuber, headed the All-Stars. Ex-Premier League ref Mark Clattenburg served as the official. 

With a total of Fifteen goals scored, the match was played in excellent spirit and provided hours of entertainment for the thousands of viewers online.  

The Teenage Cancer Trust, Living Miserably, Rays of Sunshine, and M7E—an educational organization that provides free school excursions and was founded by Sidemen member Simon Minter alias Miniminter—were among the four charities to whom spectators were asked to give funds throughout the game. It was the Sidemen's fourth consecutive charity game that had been planned. 

The charity game had generated over £1 million, The Sidemen stated immediately after the game, and they thanked everybody for contributing to the "amazing" day.  

What a day. That is what Watford native KSI, who was born there and lived there, tweeted after the event. Even though I am very exhausted, I am extremely pleased with what the internet and social media community accomplished today. 

"So, amusing and brought in a ton of cash for charities. A significant event. We appreciate everyone who helped make this occasion so memorable, eager to repeat it next year."


A significant role in the popularity of the seven-member Sidemen team is attributed to KSI, actual name Olajide Olatunji, who has over 24 million YouTube subscribers.   

In addition to boxing, music, and business, his burgeoning career has seen him debut a brand-new energy drink named Prime at the Watford Asda early in the year. 

Source: Watfordobserver

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