The Ukrainian band stopped their performance at the Weekend festival because of chants from Russia

The Ukrainian band was getting ready to perform their last song when they were interrupted by a screamer in the audience.

The Ukrainian band stopped their performance at the Weekend festival because of chants from Russia
Kateriina Pavlenko, the singer of the Go_A band, let the shouter hear his glory. PHOTO: MICHAL KAMARYT / CTK / ALAMY / MVPHOTOS

ON SUNDAY, July 3, there was a disgusting incident at the Weekend Festival, when the performance of the Ukrainian band Go_A was temporarily interrupted due to the shouting of one of the spectators.

The group that represented Ukraine in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest prepared to perform their representative song Shum as their last song. At the same time, the band instructed the audience on how they could dance a Ukrainian folk dance in a circle.

According to Olli Tamminen, who was there, the gig before that had been intense, and there were no quiet moments at all. Due to the instructions, the situation was momentarily quiet, which gave the spectator on the sidelines the opportunity to shout.

- Such a big tall young man, probably intoxicated, started shouting 'Russia, Russia' and something about Putin towards the audience, Olli reviewed the situation.

The shouter in question got to hear his honor from the band's singer Katerina Pavlenko.

- F**k you, f**k you, the singer had shouted, pointing at the shouter in the audience.
The band gathered at the edge of the stage to show the man the middle finger. According to Tamminen, the man who shouted pro-Russia slogans laughed at the situation.

- Apparently, he had some female companions with him and they looked really annoyed. Women weren't really involved in what this man was doing.

- He seemed to be very funny in his own opinion.

THE AUDIENCE also cheered the band and Ukraine by shouting "Slava Ukraine".

- It was a huge roar from the audience, Olli says.

The band's singer thanked the audience for their support and they performed their last song.

That's what Olli doesn't know, did the screaming man stay to watch the final performance. After the song, the band didn't pay any more attention to the situation either.

THE GO_A BAND finished fifth in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Based on the audience's votes, the band would have ranked second, but the jury's votes lowered the ranking slightly.