A Car dealer reveals Finns are Switching new car every few years

In a car shop, it is most typically exchanged for a newer one. However, the exception proves the rule. According to the statistical survey, Finns often change their car to a car about four years younger.

A Car dealer reveals Finns are Switching new car every few years

ACCORDING TO A STATISTICAL SURVEY CONDUCTED BY AUTOLIIKE J. Rinta-Joup, in car shops, the most common way to exchange a car that is about four years old is for a newer model.

According to Markku Ala-Hakun, the chain's sales director, the car replacement interval in Finland is generally around three to five years.

According to him, the exchange interval is also a part of how much Finns exchange for a newer car.

- A Finnish car owner changes his car to a newer one every few years. During this period, the value or condition of your car will not drop significantly. So you still get a good trade-in credit for your vehicle. At the same time, the selling price of a similar car a few years newer than the current one has already had time to come down somewhat, so upgrading the vehicle to a slightly more recent driver is very favorable.

The J. Rinta-Jouppi chain studied its trade-in car statistics from the past year to find out what kind of new used car Finns are looking for right now.

Regardless of the buyer's previous model year, a used car 3–4 years newer was purchased in most of the deals made during the year.

According to the company's more detailed sales statistics, in trade-in car sales that took place over the past year, the most common trade-in was from the Year 2015 to the Year 2018. The most purchased individual year models were in 2017 and 2018.

What was noteworthy was that the majority of car models that were a couple of years old were changed to a model more aged than the current car.

- Of the recent models, many customers switched to a year or two older. The phenomenon is explained by the fact that these customers' need to use a car has changed, so the next step is to purchase, for example, a slightly larger or better-equipped vehicle. At the same time, a car with a somewhat older model year will be acquired, in which case the exchange will be handled at a reasonable cost.

- We often encounter situations where the need to use the car decreases. At the same time, we want to release capital from the car, in which case we replace the newer car with a slightly older and cheaper replacement car. The owner of a car that is a couple of years old is often thought of as just a potential new car buyer, but this is not the case. Finnish car buyers are well-informed and know how to move naturally from buying a new car to purchasing a replacement car and vice versa.