Boris Johnson's government won the confidence vote by 349–238

Boris Johnson (Conservative, Uxbridge) won the votes of 349 Members of Parliament, with a total of 238 opposing him. His government had previously blocked a vote of confidence in Johnson, and instead proposed a vote of confidence in the entire government.

Boris Johnson's government won the confidence vote by 349–238
Boris Johnson

IN GREAT BRITAIN, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government has won the vote of confidence in the lower house of parliament by 349-238 votes.

News agency AFP and British news channel Sky News report on the result of the vote, among others.
The Labor Party (the opposition party) called on Johnson to be voted out of office last week and they demanded a vote of confidence in his leadership. 

They also demanded that he not continue as prime minister as long as he had a number of resignations throughout his own cabinet, with some ministers leaving their offices in the wake of serious talk about him doing so too.

He indicated he would continue to lead his party until a successor could be found. The person elected as leader of the Conservative Party will also become the country's prime minister if Boris Johnson's government remains standing.

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY voted again on Monday evening to elect its new chairman and prime minister. In the voting round, MP Tom Tugendhat was eliminated from the competition after receiving the fewest votes.

Tugendhat got only 31 votes, while former finance minister Rishi Sunak, who continues to lead, got 115 votes. He increased his votes by 14 supporters.

The second highest number of votes on Monday was Penny Mordaunt, Deputy Minister of Commerce, who collected 82 votes. Foreign Minister Liz Truss follows with 71 votes and former Equality Minister Kemi Badenoch with 58 votes.

After Monday's vote, there will be two final elimination rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday, when all but the last two candidates will be eliminated. In the knock-out rounds, only Conservative MPs have the right to vote.

The final choice between the two finalists will be made by the Conservatives' 200,000 members in a postal vote. The result will be announced on September 5.